The Limkeman, Limkemann and Spory Family Reunion will be held the second Saturday in June 2017.

Please bring a covered dish, a place setting,

and your memories of reunions from the past to share with others.

Whether old or young, the Limkeman/Spory Family Reunion is a wonderful

time to come meet those that share your heritage.

Many activities available for kids of all ages.

Please join us on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Wavering Park in Quincy, Illinois.




2013 Reunion Photos


Limkeman, Limkemann and Spory Family Reunion

Limkeman, Limkemann and Spory Family Background

Annually, for decades, the descendents of the Limkeman/Limkemann and Spory families gather together to share memories about their family with their family. This year is no exception. Please ask your family to join us this year for a day to make memories

Family historians give this account about the marriages that brought these two families together: Two families came to the US on the same ship from Darmstadt, Germany. Hermann Limkemann & John Spory brought their families. Two Limkemann daughters (sisters) married Spory sons (brothers). Amelia Limkemann married Philip Spory & Minnie Limkemann married Louis Spory..

When is the next Family Reunion?

The 2017 Reunion will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2017. The time is from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Where is the Family Reunion Held?

The Limkeman/Spory Reunion is held at Wavering Park off 36th Street in Quincy, Illinois. Watch for the signs at the park's 36th Street entrance to guide you to the reunion location.

Who Attends the Family Reunion?

Family members of all ages attend the reunion each year. In the late 1990's the family reunion had dwindled to a small group of family with the 1998 reunion having less than 30 attendees. Some family members were concerned the reunion may be discontinued, so a concerted effort was made by contacting many other Spory and Limkeman family members and asked them to attend the 1999 family reunion.

In 1999 there were over 150 in attendance. Some of those attending had not been to the reunion in over 40 years, so the reuniting of family members that year was very special.

As you can see from the picture above, the numbers are dropping again, so encourage your family to come to the reunion this year.

Why attend a Family Reunion?

The contemporary generation has turned to a new method of socializing. It is online Social Networks, texting, chatting, and e-mailing. These forms of communications are good way to re-connect with each other, but nothing can replace the time spent sitting face-to-face with your family. Some family members have never met face-to-face, nor did they realize they were even related until they attended a family reunion. Family Reunions are a great way to meet one-on-one to greet, talk, acquaint, or re-acquaint and learn more about each other.

Each year, for the past several years, a group photo is taken to record the family reunion event. Other photos are taken and are available on the Internet for your viewing and downloading.